Girl Scouts of America

Web Design

In this project I sought to improve the Girl Scouts of America's website. When comparing their organization to other young women's organizations, their heritage of over 100 years of empowerment sets them apart. My goal with this redesign is to emphasis their historic side which their current website lacks completely. Another goal was to make the program information more concise, the current site has a lot of links to pages with little content.

Girl Scout Badges

Adding some heritage to Girl Scout activities.

I used vintage Scout badges to convey that these activities have been developed over a long period of time. Each tab shows activites that girls will participate in at each rank. Prospective girls and parents will see what they can achieve and do as a Scout, enticing further consideration.

New Girl Scout Homepage

Cookie Homepage

Cookie Finder Redesign

Cookie Finder Redesign

I wanted to improve the social media integration in the site, beyond just the usual links and API. I noticed that the Girl Scout Cookie Finder is not that intuitive and could be improved.
So I combined those ideas to form a social media outlet that could search posts about Cookies by ZIP code. This way folks can post photos/locations of cookie sellers and allow smooth commerce.

Tablet and Phone Websites

Tablet and Mobile